Aviva Community Fund – Vote for us!

The Qajuqturvik Food Centre has made it to the next round of eligibility with the Aviva Community Fund. We are emailing our entire contact list because we need your help to receive this funding! Please follow the link to vote for us and share among your own networks so that we can reach as many people as possible!

The Centre applied for this funding so that we may stabilize the vital food service role we fill in the community. We serve a healthy meal to around 80-100 people daily and our community members rely on us. Our current lack of funding makes the Qajuqturvik Food Centre unsustainable. If we receive this funding, securing our meal service feeds into our future ambitions of expanding on our ability to connect with and serve the people of Iqaluit. Help us promote positive change in Iqaluit – this would be the first Aviva Project in Nunavut!

Please vote by…

  1. Visiting the Aviva Community Fund website
  2. Registering to vote
  3. Validating your registration with the email Aviva sends you
  4. Voting! Find the “Iqaluit Food Centre and Inclusion Café” located in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Everyone has 18 votes they can conveniently use at one time or before October 19th.

Thank you sincerely!

In the News: Nunavut capital’s soup kitchen struggles to meet local demand

In a recent article in Nunatsiaq News, Beth Brown brings attention to Qajuqturvik Food Centre’s struggle to continue its work following the discontinuation of funding for Inclusion Cafe, a program that provided jobs and training to people who face employment barriers, which in turn benefited operations at Qajuqturvik Food Centre.

“The quality of our meals will continue but we are going to have a lot of operational difficulty in the coming year because we have to go back to a more volunteer based delivery of our meals, which was the case for many years up until last year,” Thorhaug said.

Facing a long winter with increased demand and rising prices, the Qajuqturvik Food Centre is seeking donations and volunteer support to continue its meal service.

Read the full article here.