What is The Big Social? The Big Social is a cross-Canada food party that happens right in your own home or workplace. In Iqaluit, the event raises money for the Qajuqturvik Food Centre so we can give our community members better access to healthy food and programs that change lives.

How do you participate?

  • Go to www.bigsocial.ca to register to host a meal in your home or workplace between Nov. 1 and 10. You could host a potluck, throw a dinner party, enlist your coworkers over lunch, or enjoy a family dinner with a higher cause. You could also join our own Big Social event as a guest – we’re hosting a dinner, comedy & trivia night!
  • Set a fundraising goal for your meal. 
  • Invite your guests to attend, and ask them to make a donation instead of bringing a gift. 
  • Entertain some good! 

Why join in? Because you love to bring people together over food. And because you want to make a difference in the lives of Canadians who are struggling with poverty and food insecurity.


What’s food insecurity? Food insecurity happens when someone can’t afford or access the food they need. Four million people in Canada are food insecure. It means they have to choose between paying rent and buying food, or have to skip meals so their kids can eat. Food insecurity affects their physical health, their mental health, and their sense of belonging. Together, we can help change the story.

What impact can my event have? The money you raise during The Big Social gives Canadians living on low incomes better access to healthy food and programs that build health, belonging, and empowerment. 

Why is eating together important? Coming together over a shared meal is a great way to connect with family, friends, and co-workers. It’s also good for your health! And it can be a great way to learn and share different traditions, cultures, and experiences. 

How much of the money I raise stays in our community? 75% of the money you raised will be used to directly fund programs for our community. The remaining 25% of funds will support Community Food Centres Canada to build more Community Food Centres and power a good food movement across Canada. 

While the majority of the dollars raised (75%) in the local community will be for investment in QFC programming, it is critical that a small portion of the funds raised go to support CFCC. The Big Social is an opportunity for diners to support both the important local priorities while also providing funds that will help CFCC to continue to grow the national movement into new communities. CFCC also obtains national corporate partners who then fund QFC programming.

What does Community Food Centres Canada do? Community Food Centres Canada is a national nonprofit that improves the health and well-being of low-income Canadians through the power of food. We’re active in close to 175 communities across Canada. 

  • we build community centres and programs that change lives through food; 
  • we support local organizations to make change in their communities and contribute to a growing national food movement;
  • we advocate for policies that reduce poverty, food insecurity, and poor health.

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